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reminds me of the old collabs back in the day, good job fellers

RGPAnims responds:

What the funny Canadian man said

Wow, I was not expecting that, defiantly a true story. I really like the style in ur cartoons and artwork. on the rare occasion that i do watch a cartoon the styles are very similar. its nice to see something different. i really like the heavy shadows, it really helps with the eerie atmosphere and as always great backgrounds. Anyways good job can't wait to see what you make next. You will be missed but not forgotten pisshead.

AntonM responds:

ah cheers foamy, really appreciate the kind words man :) i hope he's safe...

WOW, Cowox this short film is amazing! From seeing all the work in progress posts, i think this really paid off. I also thought you were going to get lost in that sewer when you were collecting the sounds for it. The animation is great, i really love the backgrounds in this, and the effects and music you used set the tone for this sad story. The water transition in the beginning kind of threw me off. I thought it was just animated just black and white. It's still a good transition to when the knight character wakes up and everything is in color though. The story behind this did make me tear up a bit. Depression is rough, i'm glad you and your friends were able to make this amazing short. "i would take all her sorrows and pain, so that she could be happy again", is something most people would do for somebody they care about. You guys are a talented group of people etc. Alright enough kissing your butt about this film. Final note, I would like to know if there is a reason why the killer cuts only one of his fingers off in an earlier fight? just curious if that symbolizes something. Anyways good work can't wait to see what else you make!

COWOX responds:

Thanks a ton my dood, Means Alot!
The finger represented in this case is art. my sister is a super talented artist, and she has been ever since we were kids. I on the other hand was not so talented in that field, so when i would attempt to draw, it was almost as if id had no finger, and that she had it up on her book shelf. over time i kept going much like devin (the Knight) even though i had no finger i kept battling. never giving up. I wanted my story to be seen not read.

idk the finger is weird and complicated, it's mainly a symbol to never give up, even though you have lost or don't have something.

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i cannot believe you made this horrible propaganda! to think that i followed you because of your talents and then you go ahead and make this! I've had it up to hear with who newgrounds lets submit games with those ideals. Who the hell likes crunchy peanut butter, disgusting. goodbye supporter status, im watching my flash cartoons on vimeo only. Overall fun watching you build this game and neat concept..

ninjamuffin99 responds:

crunchy peanut butter is for food perverts
also thanks booyyyy

big bug here....

im on the first level of chapter 3 and every time i almost finish the level it takes me back to the the start screen and has the music playing in the background. might want to take a look at that.

Olmate responds:

I fixed this on v4.8.1, it's on my blog and I'm sending Tom the latest version.

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i don't like you started off by saying "whatsup youtube". Please repent to fulpus maximus please. k bye

Wandaboy responds:

foamy the squirrel

dude this is amazing! going down the rabbit hole and listening to the other two. great work

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theres a lot of backstory with this illustration that only a few people witnessed. im glad this turned out amazing after the set backs. i really like all the references and good use of color as hack of that is to say. GOOD JOB YET AGAIN FU.

amazing man, keep up great work

AntonM responds:

cheers foamy

i can't believed you finished this......

FuShark responds:


Lets Keep This Work Secret.

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