Entry #1

First news post in 8 years

2015-07-02 21:50:15 by foamymuffin

Hey everybody,  I've been on the site for a over 8 years and have never made one of these post before. Anyways, my name is a Mike and i've been uploading to the NG art portal for quite some time. I usually make full page pictures because I'm crap at making backgorunds and them ore for character exercises. I'm currently working on a new piece for Robot Day( i hope i can get it finished on time). Well anyways I wanted to share a little about myself as well as showcase some recent line art from previous work(anyone who's interested). Ill try to post whenever I have an important update, other than that i have to return to the mill. See you in another 8 years =)

2067562_143588709293_OceanLawline.jpg 2067562_143588809591_thesleepymarauderslineart.jpg






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2015-07-03 00:38:09

Holy crap this is badass. I'm glad you posted for the first time in awhile, how has your art improved since then?


2015-07-25 03:08:37

Dude, I was just looking at your picture"Problems of The Future, Today!"
Thanks a real lot my man!


2015-10-30 12:15:44

Just came across your stuff man, and glad your here to post again!